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Wayang Mahabharata (Pilot Episode)

This is a pilot episode of Wayang Mahabharata series, the animated series we planned for TV that we made for our final school project last month. This episode tells about King Sentanu's Adventure saving a lady named Setyawati from 3 bad Ogres. Enjoy & Thanks to Watch it!!! :D

Credits :
Created by W.LA.BS
Written(Remade)/Storyboarded/Animated/Directed by Bhangga Santoso
Character Design by Wayan Nanda
Enverinmental Design by Adinata Harlan
Clean-up by Bhangga
Music Scores by Inko & Adji
Music for bumper "Suwe Ora Jamu" by Elfa Singer
Voices by W.LA.BS & Icha

Wlabs is a final school project animation team created by Bhangga, Wayan Nanda and Adinata Harlan in 2011, the name is an acronym formerly taken from Wayang Labs Studio (meaning a labs experimenting Wayang/ Puppet Indonesia) or sometimes just taken by our initial name W.LA.BS (Wayan.Adinata harLAn.Bhangga Santoso). Wlabs is still in progress now, producing the continued series of "Wayang Mahabharata" for first Season.

The Video is dedicated for Our College, ITS (Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology)-Surabaya, indonesia
Our registered number listed on ITS:
Bhangga Santoso (3407100010)
Adinata Harlan (3407100062)
Wayang Nanda (3407100092)

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning
Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology

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